MAKEOUT in Brooklyn, NY Concert Review

Review & Photos By Sean Gardner 1.20.19.

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On January 17th, Makeout brought their 20/20 winter tour with a lineup that spelled out Pure Pop Punk. The bands they brought on this tour with them were Story Untold and Handguns. The guys in Makeout really know how to put on a show, because these three bands together, along with a local band opening up, made for a super fun time. With chaotic stage antics and a crowd who was so into it, it was nothing but mosh pits and sing-alongs from start to finish.

They opened with “Childish” and continued to play their debut album in its entirety, on shuffle, and considering they played their whole discography, it was a perfect setlist for any fan of the band. Towards the end of the set, Sam, front man and singer/guitarist of the group, pulled out an acoustic guitar and teased the crowd by asking “Is anyone here a fan of country music?” as he tuned up, and prepared to play “Secrets.” Following that, the band was joined by Handguns’ guitarist, Jake Langley, for a cover of the pop punk classic, “Boys and Girls” by Good Charlotte. They then closed the set with “Crazy,” during which Sam rode around on Jake’s shoulders in the crowd as he screamed the super catchy chorus along with everyone in the room.

They’ve only got a few dates left on this tour, but when they come around again, it’s a show you're definitely not going to want to miss, whether it's your first time hearing them or if you’ve been a fan since 2017, when it all started for them.

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