Meet the Team: Stefani

By Stefani

Greetings everyone! 

My name is Stefani, i'm a third year Psychology major/ Education minor at the University of California, Riverside! My focus is on all things spooky and magical! If you know me you know how much I love halloween and everything that gives you the chills! I'll be writing on anything I deem cool and interesting- but I hope to write more about astrology, reviews on horror/thriller films, science fiction book reviews, edgy fashion trends, cats, and the weird events I attend. However, I hope to span a bit further on this theme and relate it back to my passion of psychology and the social sciences! My goal for the future is to become a Clinical Psychologist or perhaps do some research in Abnormal or Personality Psychology. This magazine gives me the perfect space to express my love of all things mystical. It creates a safe space for me to write about my academic aspirations and the random ideas that live in my brain! Hope you all join me on this journey- see you in my next post! 

XO Stefani