Modern Racket releases "Me, Myself, & I"

Photo by Anabel DFlux


Coming up from Hemet, California, Modern Racket delivers hard hitting originals that will surely capture the attention of all who love music, especially in the rock/punk genre.

Manny is the frontman and founder of Modern Racket, a Mexican American singer and songwriter. After getting his first guitar, Manny began learning how to play and sing, then write his own music, leading on to Modern Racket. Mondo is another original member of Modern Racket, having learned to play bass guitar from Manny in 2013 in order to be a part of the project. Christopher Lara, however, is definitely the wild card of the band. As the drummer of Modern Racket, Christopher landed the position in September 2015. He's been a very important member ever since, helping with the writing and composing of music. His unique drumming style brings harmony to the band. Last but not least, Brandon was the missing piece to the four man band. His love for music has him playing in four bands total, including Modern Racket His diversity in music genres helps bring out the band uniqueness in every song.

With a diverse sound and atmospheric vibe, all who listen can relate to at least one song. The idea to bring others together no matter where you come from, what you look like, what you've been through, or what you listen too, Modern Racket creates from the heart and wants to take everyone on their musical journey.