mxmtoon releases "fever dream!"

mxmtoon, aka Maia, released her new song "fever dream!" It's a beautiful song about her childhood and journey through life, expressed through lyrics such as "Another step, another state I’ll never know if I’ll get there But just maybe."

Maia on the track:

"the day i wrote this song, i knew it meant the world to me. i'm beyond excited to share it with you all now and to finally allow it into the world for everyone's ears! when thinking about the visualizer for "fever dream" i thought basing it off of the cover art would be a good idea. compiling and editing home videos from my tiny human days was so much fun, but it also made me think. so here's what i have to say:

life is merely a collection of moments, memories, and feelings, and while days are fleeting, they are no less important because it. the times we have in our journeys as people define our being, and the small moments make up the fabric of our values and who we change to be even as the hours pass by. so, don't take the time you have for granted. dream as big or as small as you dare to, live authentically, and do so unapologetically. the uncertainty of our time is what makes it all the more precious, so fill it with what's worth your while. be kind to yourself and others, and remember to embrace your sadness and relish your happiness throughout it all. thank you to my family and my friends for supporting me my entire life, even when the path ahead was unknown. you mean more than i can say with words."

Listening to the song and watching her music video made me tear up because it made me reminisce about my own childhood and think about how far I've come. Life is what you make of it so do what makes you happy. :)