My Trip to Europe

By Stefani Edquilang 8/4/18

Bonjour and welcome to my second blog! 

Wowza! Europe during Summer is definitely the place to be. I’ve accumulated so much knowledge and collected some very beautiful pictures. In the beginning of Summer break my family and I went on an English Isles tour on Princess Cruises. The cruise ship was gorgeous- we watched some great musicals and Ate tons of gourmet food. I thankfully did not get sea sick.

Our cruise began with some of the lesser known places such as Glasgow, Orkney Islands, and Inverness in Scotland. More rural places, less industrialized. A little slow in terms of modern places to visit and low on the fun factor for my younger cousins. (This cruise was geared towards older people). However, the beauty of nature and peacefulness were patent. 

The second to last day was you guessed it: Paris! Unfortunately, I caught a fever during these days. But I pushed through the sickness! In Paris, we began with a tour in the Lourve. One day is definitely not enough time to explore through all of the rooms of the Lourve- and it was very, very crowded. The Mona Lisa is actually in this hidden room (that’s very easy to miss) but she’s a beauty so I definitely recommend seeing her right away! Afterwards, we went to tour the Eiffel Tower which is gorgeous. Fun fact: The people of Paris did not like the tower at first because they thought it looked like a skeleton. We then proceeded to have a delicious lunch at the restaurant in the tower called 58 Tour Eiffel. 

The last day ended with my favorite place as well as the highlight of the tour: England! We walked around Piccadilly Circus and shopped til we dropped. I expected to see a lot of Harry Potter merchandise- and I was not let down! From what I’ve noticed, English people are very nice and well-mannered. Their sense of humor is dominantly satire and sarcasm. We then ended the day taking a general cab tour and quickly visited places such as Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle, and Big Ben. The tour ended with this very personalized, secret spot tour where we got to see where famous musicians (ex: The Beatles, The Who) got their start as well as stores in which the Royals like to shop. 

Overall, this trip was amazing! Although, I got a bit sick it didn’t stop me from exploring and making the most out of it. I recommend going to the lesser known places and giving at least a day for each country. As well as setting aside at least a week for popular places such as Paris and England. Beware of pickpockets and make sure to book yourself a secret-tour! 

Thanks everyone, see you in my next one! 

XO, Stef 

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