• kristeniquejames

Nella Vita Pt. 2 Presented by Grayscale: Tucson, AZ Experience

Photo by Jordan Mizrahi

After a 2 hour drive from Mesa to Tucson and waiting outside the venue for about 6 hours on February 6th, me and my friends got to experience the best night of our lives. After being let into the venue for VIP the members, Collin Patrick Walsh (vocals), Nick Veno (drums), Nick Ventimiglia (bass), Dallas Molester (guitar and vocals) and Andrew Kyne (guitar), came to answer some of our most important questions like what's their favorite Disney movie (Pixar included). After having a fun and important chat with the guys we got to play a few games, chat with the guys some more and even sign Venos drumset! After the shenanigans of VIP they started letting everyone else into the venue. Unfortunately the band Lurk weren't able to perform due to the lead singer falling ill. We hope he's doing well and gets back up on stage soon! At about 7:30 that's when WSTR took the stage to get the crowd warmed up by starting off their set with "Featherweight"! The boys absolutely killed their set! Then came the boys from Hot Mulligan I wasn't very familiar with Hot Mulligan but after their set I was hooked! The guys did an amazing job and I can't wait to see them again some day! Then came the time everyone had been waiting for, the headliners. Grayscale. The lights went down and one by one the guys started to come out and the crowd went wild. Starting off the set with "Just Right." Giving the crowd everything they had the guys did an amazing job engaging with the crowd and including everyone at the show! Grayscale never fails to give the most amazing shows and we can't wait to see the guys again next time!