Nightly releases "time online" video!

The track, from the band's debut album night, love you., is a reflective and poignant insight into how we use social media. Touching on themes like comparison, mental health, and showing off on social media, the music video mimics the different personas people create (and curate) online.

Throughout the music video, the three members of Nightly find themselves viewing as different characters — from cowboys to emo kids to donning suits and ties that are similar to the early Beatles. Frustrated by the personas, the end of the video shows the band taking their justified frustration towards social media and destroying an early-2000s iMac and choosing to spend time on the things that really matter — creating their music.

The video follows news of the band's new alt EP which will be released early next year. Keeping with Nightly's signature cinematic and atmospheric sound, the alternative EP will include a few new alternative versions of songs from their debut album, with one of these reworked and reimagined songs being 'not like you (stripped)' which was released last week. Listen to 'not like you (stripped)' HERE.