Pinkshift releases "Rainwalk"

Photo: Leigh Ann Rodgers


Baltimore-based punk rock band, Pinkshift, are set to release their third ever single “Rainwalk” along with B-side “Toro”, on October 23rd. Following the viral success of “i’m gonna tell my therapist on you” this past summer, the band is returning in full force, angstier with a darker sound that aims to pull listeners into a heavy fall mood.

Rainwalk is a spiteful anthem at its core. Conceptually, the song is about a tension that pulls and pushes us into confusion and anger. The song’s lyrics immerse listeners in a scene of constantly having to guess what someone else is thinking.

This track expresses the anger through its twisting upbeat melody and strong lyrics, taking the listener on a journey through someone's mind of dealing with a difficult situation.

A quote from Pinkshift’s lead singer Ashrita Kumar on ‘Rainwalk’:

“The lyrics are an ode to those awful instances when someone you know very well suddenly pretends like you don’t exist. Experiencing that could set anyone off, and writing these words helped me to pin down that feeling and let it go.”

Instrumentally, it’s a darker take on pop punk for the fall season mood. Influenced by breakdowns of early 2010’s post-hardcore and fast punk beats, “Rainwalk” carries the raging angst of the bands’ previous singles forward with a heavier and powerful sound.

Pinkshift is a fem-fronted rock band new to the scene from Baltimore. With writing inspired by 90s grunge and 2000s pop-punk, the band walks the lines between riot grrl, punk rock, and post-hardcore. Melting together different musical and cultural roots by a common love for angsty rock, the band embraces their diverse backgrounds to create an authentic and dynamic sound.