POC In Punk: Meet Angela Leung

Meet Angela Leung, music photographer based in NYC!

For you personally, what have you experienced as a POC in the music scene (either good or bad). What’s your perspective on POC in the scene?

As a WOC I often noticed that it is a male dominated field. There were times where I was the only woman in the photo pit and would sometimes get mansplained by an older photographer. I have met some women in the music scene which have been great but I would like to see more artists hire POC/women as there is a lot of talent left waiting to be discovered.

What inspired you to work in the music industry and what do you hope to achieve?

I always loved music growing up and I started photography two years ago as a creative outlet to express myself in. After following several concert photographers on social media, it motivated me to start shooting shows on my own. I still have lots to learn including videography as I think it's an essential skill to have on top of photography.

Growing up, did you feel like there was a good amount of representation for you in the media and/or music scene? If you had someone who you looked up to or still look up to, whether they’re a musician or not, who is this person?

As an Asian American, I didn't know any Asians who wanted to work in the music industry. Growing up, I didn't see many Asians in mainstream media either. I did look up to a photographer named Todd Owyoung. I've learned a lot from his blogs which helped me with my photography.

What are some ways non-POC allies can support POC?

It always helps to support their businesses whether it be sharing via social media or hiring them for a project. Put in a word of mouth for them!

Do you have any advice for aspiring artists/photographers?

Know your worth and don't be afraid to try out new things even if you have doubts. I took my camera to a show once on a whim without knowing much about photography and it ended up being one of the best decisions I've made. From then on, I tried shooting as many shows as I can to improve my skills. Take each opportunity you get as a learning curve and a chance to meet people in the field.