POC In Punk: Meet Modern Racket

Photo by Anabel DFlux

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Manny Huerta – Vocals

Brandon Biggers– Guitar

Mondo Flores– Bass

Christopher Lara - Drums

For you personally, what have you experienced as a POC in the music scene (either good or bad). What’s your perspective on POC in the scene?

We never experienced anything bad, thankfully. Every time we perform or play a show all we see is everyone moving and grooving to our music. We see new friends that love what we love, so why not share love with one another? Two members of our band are Hispanic, another is African American, and the fourth is a white/Native American, so we have support from all around and we have experienced nothing but love.

What inspired you to work in the music industry and what do you hope to achieve? Our perspective on POC/Black people in the scene is that it's cool to see different backgrounds influence creative songwriting from another perspective. We love playing shows with all types of bands from a wide area of diversity. Different races of people coming together and just vibing off one another. It's a party where everyone is invited! What inspired me to work in the music industry is my love for music and how we can create something out of nothing. That itself if a great feeling. What we as a band are trying to achieve is getting our music heard by new potential fans and to become a touring band. We want this journey to consume us and become a part of our lives forever. Growing up, did you feel like there was a good amount of representation for you? If you had someone who you looked up to, who is this person?

Growing up I loved music so much and I never really got into a particular scene until around high school, where people would throw back yard punk shows. Those shows always kicked ass and everyone there was having a good time. After seeing how live music brings people together, I knew this was the life for me. A big influence of mine was Christopher Drew from NEVER SHOUT NEVER. I thought he was the next John Lennon and so after discovering NSN, I picked up a guitar and started learning his songs. From there I started to write my own tunes. So, thanks Chris Drew. What are some ways non-POC allies can support POC?

Some ways non-POC allies can support POC is just showing nothing but love for one another. Hate is a waste of energy and it’s an ugly way of thinking. So just support each other’s art, work, and sticking up for one another. We can't fight alone and in silence. Do you have any advice for aspiring artists?

My advice for aspiring artists is to just keep creating and supporting others. Life sucks right now. But it will get better! Never forget why you started in the first place. And do not worry if you fail! Fail forward, it's part of the growing process. You gotta crack a couple of eggs to make an omelet! Stay true! We love you!