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PREMIERE: Hope Waidley finds her way in the music industry in "Born Again" Video

“Music is one thing in the world that’s therapy for everyone” 

Photo taken by: Chase Daniel

Just signing to record label 300 Entertainment, Hope Waidley is a 20 year old singer-songwriter, who traveled across the country with her sister to California right after college in her van to embark on her music career. Hope is making her name known, and her California beach vibe will soother your soul. 

Suffering from the post-summer blues? Watch Hope’s new music video ”Born Again”, out now, along with an exclusive interview (below)

1. What has been the biggest milestone yet in your career?

The highest milestone in my career musically has been making the relationships I’ve built with producers, management, label folks, the people they know, etc. because these people have beautiful character, and I feel blessed to get to know their hearts and minds. 

2. Who are you listening to right now? 

I’ve been listening to Jim Croce, Johnny Cash, John Mayer, Chris Cornell, etc 

3. What musicians inspire you? 

I always enjoyed singing, but I didn’t start writing songs until I was six years old. I felt like writing songs was a gift from God to me because it was a way for me to release emotion, and every time I’d sing a song I wrote, I’d release these emotions over and over again. It was like therapy and even back then it would help me process life from 6 years old to now. 

4. Who inspired you to get into music?

 It’s really anyone who writes about ideas or perspectives that I have never heard, ones that make me think about a topic in a different light or challenge me to look at a situation differently. I like when artists say things in words I’ve never once thought of.  A few that do are Johnny Cash, Soul Asylum, Pearl Jam, Bob Dylan, T. Rex, Chris Cornell, etc

5. Dream artist to collaborate with?

Steven Tyler

6. Is there a message behind your new single Home Again? 

I had just signed with Federation Record Label and wasn’t sure how any of that process was supposed to go. I didn’t know much about the music industry, so there was a lot I was wondering like, “Did I make the right decision? Does the label have me doing enough or too little?” and it began to worry me until I prayed about it and felt like God was saying that I needed to treat this time in life as if I was born again and today, as a 19 year old, it’s my first day on Earth. Seeing the circumstance in that way allowed me to realize this experience heading into the music industry was going to be completely new, and I wasn’t going to understand any of it at first, but that’s okay. I needed to treat this time with patience, embracing each moment to the fullest and taking a gentle approach to it all without trying to

Watch "Born Again" below

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