Concert Review: Hey Violet & Sage Charmaine at the Troubadour in Los Angeles

Sage Charmaine opened up for Hey Violet at the Troubadour and started the night off with so much energy! With her sass, dance moves, and powerful vocals, she performed songs off of her EP called Don't Leave Me, which includes amazing songs such as "Hurts A Little Less" and "Around." Everyone in the crowd was dancing and it was so much fun!! Sage's confidence shines through and her outfit (and hair) were on POINT. I really admire her aesthetic and how passionate she was when she performed.

Next, Hey Violet came on and put on an incredible show. They performed new songs such as "Close My Eyes" and "Queen of the Night." Also they sang some of my favorites like "Hoodie" and "My Consequence." The small room was packed and everyone was singing along with smiles on their faces. Of course, they ended the night with "Break My Heart," which is still a BOP. I'm so happy they're back doing shows and releasing new music! Overall, the night was filled with girl power, energy, and phenomenal music.

Check out Sage's EP here!:

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