Show Review: Netflix's Julie And The Phantoms


I saw a lot of posts about Julie And The Phantoms on social media and decided to check it out. Other than the storyline, I had no idea what it was going to be about and had no expectations. As a huge fan of High School Musical, I was excited to see what Kenny Ortega had planned for the show. When I started watching the pilot, I automatically LOVED the show already. It started off with an energetic performance by the band Sunset Curve, consisting of Luke, Reggie, and Alex. I could relate to Julie by how she found her passion through music, and when she performed “Wake Up,” that scene made me cry because of how heartwarming it is. Madison Reyes has such a powerful voice and captures you in the moment flawlessly. I was caught off guard by how emotional the show is, especially when you get into more episodes. Learning about Luke’s tragic backstory made me sob so hard because it’s one of my worst fears to lose a loved one; The song in the scene is called “Unsaid Emily,” where Luke sings about what he wish he could’ve done and said to his mother before he died. I even teared up when Julie performed “Flying Solo,” a song about her best friend Flynn. Their chemistry together is adorable and the playful lyrics reminded me of my best friend. All of the songs in the show are woven into the story extremely well, and I’ve been listening to the soundtrack on repeat! Overall, it’s an incredible show full of plot twists, a captivating story, and heartwarming moments with friends, family, and of course, lovers. Julie And The Phantoms is definitely my new favorite show and people may think it’s just a kids show at first glance, but honestly, I’d suggest it for young adults who love music and dance because there are heartbreaking moments that will 99.9% make you cry. Kenny Ortega is a talented director and all of the wonderful actors are PHENOMENAL at playing their characters, playing instruments, dancing, and singing. Their distinct personalities play off of each other effortlessly along with their stage presence together. I love the show’s message of how you can get lost in life but find your path with just a little encouragement and confidence. I predict that there will be another season based off of how popular the show has gotten, and I’m already super excited for it!