Rosendale releases "this is what it's like to be gay"

Based in San Francisco, pop singer/songwriter Rosendale, A.K.A. Brian Wang, just released a song he wrote called "this is what it's like to be gay!"

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Rosendale shares on the track:

“I recently wrote a song to share my story as a gay person - it’s been hiding on my laptop for quite awhile. Over the course of my life, there has been a lot of teasing, a lot of shame, and a lot of lying to protect myself. When I turned 25, I did my best to change myself for the better and I came out to my parents. I’m still learning how to live honestly and authentically as I grow older.

When I came out, I was lucky enough that my parents were accepting of me. I often need to remind myself that in some countries, you could be put to death for being gay.

For all of the LGBT friends out there that are struggling, my wish is that this post gives you some hope. Things get better if you love yourself and be proud of who you are. I think some day, people won’t flash us judgmental looks anymore. I don’t know if it will happen in this lifetime, but with every day that passes, we’re one step closer.

(Special thanks to the wonderful Tony Nguyen for guitar and Mark Balahadia for videography).

Four years ago, I walked down a crowded street in Palo Alto with my boyfriend. It was one of the first times I felt brave enough to hold his hand out in public. I was nervous; my palms felt like little swimming pools. A woman walked towards us and looked disgusted. She shot me one of the nastiest glances I had ever seen. She didn’t need to say what she was thinking; I already knew. I mustered up the courage to look her in the eyes, and we held eye contact until she passed my shoulder. As she left, I felt upset but proud I was able to confront her gaze. This was just one of the many times that this has happened to me. I did my best to change myself for the better, and I’m still learning how to live honestly and authentically as I grow older.

Happy pride month, everyone. Thank you for reading this and I love you all.

xoxo Rosendale"

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