Festival Review: Mom Jeans. at Sad Summer NYC


The first ever Sad Summer Festival made it NYC stop at a sold-out rooftop venue, Pier 17. The upbeat pop punk festival curated its own unique vibe, with its wide array of photo ops and meet and greets, specifically tailored pastel yet emo aesthetic, and not to mention an absolutely incredible lineup. To top it all off the Rooftop at pier 17 could not have been a better location to facilitate that unique vibe. With the Brooklyn bridge and New York City skyline setting a breathtaking backdrop to accompany such energetic music, the show was truly unforgettable.

Among the bands on the lineup, I had seen almost all of them at least a few times before, at previous Warped tours or headlining shows, but one of the bands that I got the pleasure of catching for the very first time at the very first Sad Summer Fest tour was California beach punks, Mom Jeans.

Following Just friends and Stand Atlantic, Mom Jeans. stormed the stage a whole 15 minutes early, to deliver to their fans a few extra songs. Playing all their wavy and danceable jams, like “Death Cup” and “Edward 40 Hands,” these guys really brought the energy, especially for an early band on a festival lineup.

The band closed their extended set with a stripped down version of “Now That’s Podracing” from their latest album Puppy Love, featuring Brenda Leon from Just Friends, as well as just about every die hard in the crowd on vocals. A perfectly emotional singalong rendition of an already great song was the perfect way to end their set, although as soon as it was over, I was left craving more Mom Jeans.

If you missed Mom Jeans on the Sad Summer Festival tour, then be sure to catch them on tour with Hobo Johnson and the lovemakers this fall, and also check out their latest release Puppy Love, available on all music platforms.

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