Sakura releases "White Noise"






Inspired by the alternative 90’s, 80’s synth pop and 70’s folk to create an ethereal universe of dreamy and distorted soundscapes, Sakura creates vulnerable music that allows listeners to gain insight into her world. Japanese and Chinese by blood, born and raised in Hong Kong, matured in London and currently based in Vienna, she crafts with her heart on her sleeve. Sakura invents her own genre of emotionally compelling indie rock through her genuine lyrics.

Sakura has released songs 'Lovesick' in June 2019, 'What am I here

for?' in October 2019 and ‘No Place like Home’, a commentary on the 2019 protests in her native Hong Kong.

Sakura maintains a fiercely independent, worldly, and DIY approach to her music

that lends itself to all aspects of life as an indie musician. With the release

of Lovesick, she made Zines with a digital download to the single

in support of East West organisation, and their work in holistic rehabilitation

for substance addiction in Thailand. Following the release of Lovesick, Sakura

traveled on a solo month long tour around Austria, Germany, Hungary and the

Czech Republic performing intimate living room shows, busking and satisfying her

natural wanderlust. She's currently working on her debut album, set to be

released in early 2021.

Sakura shares:

"’White Noise' is a song about feeling your sanity slowly slipping away, while

trying to maintain a facade of normalcy to everyone around you. its a punchy and

confident sound which contrasts with the restless, fragile state of mind i was

in when i wrote it. i filmed the music video for it on my laptops Photo Booth

while i was quarantined in my apartment, and i tried to create an honest imprint

of my emotions through the visual stimulus to compliment the track"

MUSIC VIDEO (Epilepsy warning)