Set + Voi release "TMRW"

Artwork by Nathan Kwon



Supergroup SET+VOI release their debut single “TMRW” today on all streaming platforms. “TMRW” is a catchy electro-pop track with a message that anyone who’s strayed from the track their parents made can relate to. The song—which was a collaborative effort, written by all three members of SET+VOI— invites people to view Asian Americans in a different light. Asian immigrants are not expected to have careers in music, both by society and often by their own parents. “TMRW” describes the pushback of being a musician and the struggles of being expected to fit in a certain box or career path. Tony Nguyen–the member known as “Wind Meets West”– also faces the intersection of being both queer and Asian-American, with all the stereotypes and expectations that come with that.

The song starts off with wistful thoughts about how typical Asian immigrant parents may not understand how artists yearn for a career in music, rather than a 9-5 job. It builds up into an energetic melody and EDM beat with a hopeful tone of achieving one's goals towards an artist career. Complimented with dreamy harmonies, "TMRW" expresses a positive rhythm and an uplifting message to do what you love.

Wind Meets West shares: “I wrote this song about how immigrant parents sometimes can’t conceive a life outside ‘stability=happiness’, that a 9-5 is the only way to find your place in life. This song is for everyone on a nonstandard path in life, those who want to break out and live a different way than they were taught growing up”.

SET+VOI is a three-piece band comprised of Wind Meets West (Tony Nguyen), VYZTA (Mason Wong), and saenabi (Ashley Chong). A true product of COVID-era ingenuity, the group--formed through the Asian Creative Network-- has yet to meet in person. It evolved inadvertently when Nguyen invited Chong and Wong for a writing session. As the three worked on the song that would become their first single, they found they worked well together and that their different musical upbringings created a compelling mix.

Nguyen’s producing and songwriting informed by emotional vulnerability, Chong’s lyrics and songwriting led by poetry and personal narrative, and Wong’s expertise in EDM production make for music that combines emotional honesty and high-toned theatrical flair. They chose the name SET+VOI, which means “set whale,” voi being Vietnamese for ‘whale.’ The ‘whale’ refers to an inside joke about a whale-like sound that reverberates through their first single ‘TMRW’, and also highlights the members’ sense of humor.

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