Shallou releases his debut album "Magical Thinking!"

Shallou released his debut album called "Magical Thinking" through Island Records! It's a beautiful work of art with the perfect songs to vibe to.


"Magical Thinking is a sum of efforts between myself and more incredible collaborators, seeking to expand my sound beyond the tropical beaches into more intimate moments. The album showcases my singing voice much more, my penchant for string quartet compositions, some introspective lyrics longing for companionship and to hold on to something eternal. When I first started writing, I centered the album around memory loss - trying not to lose the things closest to us. But as the writing process drew on and the album started to take shape, I felt like the seasons were a good metaphor for the entire body of work. We will inevitably go through changes in life but it’s still okay to mourn the past.” Shallou

Shallou also released “Magical Thinking (New Dawn Edit).”

He says on the track, “There was a time I thought I could control the world, but it’s like a speeding train, there’s a glowing light still. Try to hope again, to dream.” The track is being featured in a new HBO Brand campaign- You can check it out here.

Shallou describes his music as potently possessing. “The hopeful yet melancholic feeling of love is something I've tried to put in all of my music, and it's something I keep aiming for," he states.


1. Forget

2. Mutual Love (ft. Zachary Knowles)

3. Silhouettes (ft. Vancouver Sleep Clinic)

4. Try (Interlude)

5. Lethologica

6. Technicolor Wave (featuring Erika Sirola)

7. Make Believe

8. Fading

9. Endless (with The Knocks)

10. Older (with Daya)

11. Good Together (featuring Ashe)

12. Magical Thinking