Show Review: Outer Banks on Netflix

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June 2020 issue:

Filled with action, mystery, and romance, Outer Banks is a compelling series on Netflix. As a cinema major, I love the show’s cinematography that pulls in the viewer to South Carolina (where it was filmed) and its beautiful beaches. The warm-toned aesthetic and documentary-like filming style express the perfect summer vibe that keeps you captivated. Outer Banks’ storyline follows John B and his friends, JJ, Pope, and Kiara, who are considered “Pogues,” (except for Kiara, but she counts as one!) who have a rivalry with the wealthy “Kooks.” Right from the beginning, the series does an amazing job of immediately capturing the strong friendship between John B and his squad, through their playful jokes and distinct personalities. The Pogue squad ventures out to help John B find his missing father which leads to a dangerous treasure hunt. There are scenes that had me sweating with my heart racing, flawlessly combined with lighthearted scenes that portray how compassionate some of the characters are, along with their motivation behind their actions. Throughout each episode, I felt an emotional connection with at least one of the characters, and the riveting plot twists kept me immersed in the story; With no shame, I admit I finished the series through one sitting and I’m already looking forward to the next season!

As an adventure-seeker and avid swimmer, watching Outer Banks has inspired me even more to plan excursions and explore new places with my friends. I highly recommend the show to anyone who loves a good story full of suspenseful cliffhangers and loyal friendship.