Simpson releases "Summer" and "I Miss My Dawgs"

Pop/Indie artist Simpson released her two new songs "Summer" and "I Miss My Dawgs!"


Simpson shares:

“'Summer' is so much more than a song about the

summer. It’s about bottling, escaping nostalgia, being present, being flung into the afterthought of the future. It’s sarcastic, it’s cheeky, it kisses your forehead. Summer sees you, remembers you, and doesn’t forget you. Summer is what you were looking forward to that ended up letting you down, but you were so fucked on it exceeding expectations that you didn’t even realize it. Summer is a person, summer is a place, summer is a thing, summer is a feeling.”

"I Miss My Dawgs" comes from a similar place of nostalgia. Simpson states that, “'I Miss My Dawgs' is a song I made around the start of quarantine about being stuck inside and all of the chaos with COVID-19. With the turn of tragic and normalized events of police brutality being brought to the forefront, the song resonates with all of us in a new light.”