Stand Atlantic releases new album "Pink Elephant"


Pink Elephant is dynamic and full of unbridled energy and attitude as singer, Bonnie Fraser, pushes through the awkward discomfort of confronting the people and issues blocking her path, one elephant and one song at a time. By destroying all of these pink elephants in their path, Stand Atlantic have recorded their boldest album with honest lyrics, full of feel-good pop energy.

Stand Atlantic is made up of Bonnie Fraser (vocals/guitar), David Potter (guitar), Miki Rich (bass) and Jonno Panichi (drums).

On one of their singles "Wavelength" Bonnie shares: "We wanted to push the boundaries with Wavelength. The song itself is about pushing your own boundaries and trying to assimilate with someone. Sometimes communication is lost to a point where it feels like you are speaking different languages. Music is its own language and we wanted to challenge everything you thought you knew about Stand Atlantic. The entire record is no exception."

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