Star Spotlight: De'Wayne Jackson

By Yising Kao 2.23.19.

De'Wayne is featured in our February issue:

Photo by Yising Kao

Originally from Spring, Texas, De’Wayne Jackson is a soulful artist whose music is a fusion of alt-rock, hip-hop, and R&B. His lyrics are LOUD and convey powerful messages. De’Wayne recently opened up for Waterparks on their Entertainment Tour last Fall, after lead singer Awsten Knight discovered him opening up for Set It Off at their Anaheim show. With his exuberant energy and confidence, De’Wayne is definitely one of the best performers I’ve ever seen. His energy is contagious and spread throughout the crowd, and I can feel his passion through the way he delivers his lyrics. Also, De’Wayne’s dance moves are just FANTASTIC. There isn’t a moment where he’s not moving around and expressing his vibes. I recommend everyone to check out his music, no matter what genre you usually listen to. I really admire artists who write their own songs and have genuine lyrics. Some of his hits include “Top Man,” “Adios” featuring Chase Atlantic, and his newest one, “Let It Bang” (which is indeed, a banger!). De’Wayne has been breaking into the music industry with a unique and eclectic style, so look out for more new music.

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Photo by Yising Kao

Photo by Claire Doherty

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