Summer Heights release "Reprimanded!"

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Summer Heights released their new song "Reprimanded!" LISTEN HERE:



“Reprimanded” is an amazing track! What was your inspiration and creative process behind it?

The inspiration behind the track is that we wanted to go outside our comfort zone lyrical and musically. Musically it’s the first song we have written in a different time signature, lyrically I decided for the first time to talk about the experience of losing a friend, rather than staying with themes I had already written about in previous releases. We started pre- production for this track in November of 2019. Originally this track was a lot different. When we had brought this song to the studio, it was a much more mellow track, with lots of ambient guitars and synths. Pretty much the complete opposite of what it turned out to be. We decided in the studio to take apart the demo and pick the best parts that we could, and develop it to make it a more dynamic song. After a full day in the studio we had ended up writing our most diverse song we had ever done before.

I like how the track has a call-and-response part in the chorus that emphasizes the lyrics. What made you want to structure the chorus in that way?

Reprimanded is just kind of that song where we wanted to push our creativity and see what we could do that we hadn’t done before. Just like the song being in a different time signature, we thought to add that call-and-response because its something we hadn’t done before.

You’ve released a song called “Sinking” earlier this year and have another song coming out on May 22, “Everything is Fine (Autumn).” How do you think you’ve grown through your new music from producing your Hold Me Close EP in 2019?

I think the big thing for us coming into these new batch of songs is, we wanted to take whatever we had done before, and do it bigger and better. 'Hold Me Close' were the very first ‘real’ songs we had written before, and after going through the process of writing and recording it in Winter/ Spring of 2019, by the end we had learnt so much about songwriting and crafting a song. ‘Sinking' and 'Everything Is Fine (Autumn)' was an opportunity for us to show how we have grown as songwriters, and that’s what we are pushing too continue with the release of Reprimanded.

From the teaser you posted, the “Everything is Fine (Autumn)” music video has an awesome homemade aesthetic. What was your process like planning and filming it?

Before going into the process of creating the concept and aesthetic for the ‘Everything Is Fine (Autumn)’ I knew I had to create something that would make us recognizable, and make the song stand out from any release we had done previously. When the video for our song ‘Clarity' came out we had announced our EP ‘Hold Me Close’, but I never came up with anything to support an aesthetic or a visual creation to go along with the track. So when ‘Everything Is Fine (Autumn)’ was being created I knew I wanted to make something that would pop, and catch your eye, and I think the blue and DIY aesthetic can be really eye catching.

What new projects can your fans look forward to?

People can definitely expect some sort of small collection of songs coming mid- summer, and they can definitely check out the 'Reprimanded' music video coming June 16!

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