Super Whatevr releases "melancholyism" off of "don't you wanna be glad?"

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Super Whatevr released "melancholyism" off of "don't you wanna be glad?"!

“I used to have to say I was happy,” admits McKee. “But now I actually am.

This album is about the pursuit of joy. I had to spend time deconstructing what it is that makes me glad.”

"As an introverted musician I've struggled with finding time to recharge my emotional tank," explains vocalist Skyler McKee on the new song. "This has been a major theme across the EP and first record, and "melancholyism." finishes what I started with 'Good Luck' and Kathrin With a K in hopes of finding someone who I can truly feel "alone" with. This song is a loner's love song to my wife Jess who I feel that I can be with and not compromise my quiet times."

On the first single from the album, Mckee states:

"yours truly." is about my personal pursuit of happiness,” lead vocalist Skyler McKee said. “I am singing to myself, like, hey Sky, you literally pushed out bad relationships and are slowly forgetting the past trauma, why are you still not happy? I learned that there is more to emotional growth than just cutting off toxic people, it takes healing those wounds in order to be genuinely glad.”

When Mckee's parents’ marriage unraveled, the effects permeated virtually every piece of McKee’s psyche, which caused one of the darkest periods of his life that he expresses through his music. At times, the personal and spiritual growth ultimately found on Super Whatevr’s sophomore LP "don't you wanna be glad?" seemed out of reach.

Produced by Courtney Ballard (Good Charlotte, Waterparks, & many more), the 12-song album follows the their "Good Luck" EP and "Never Nothing." "don't you wanna be glad?" calls back lyrical elements from Super Whatevr’s previous albums to create as cohesive and deeply personal record as the duo has ever made.


Track Listing 1. better. 2. yours truly. 3. so am i. 4. sober. 5. i wanna be cool.(feat. Lost Boy) 6. unhealthy. 7. eternity complex. 8. life (i want u). 9. everything's new, everything hurts. 10. wesleepwedream. 11. holy anxious. 12. melancholyism

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