A Day in the Life of Kelsey: The Maine's Album Release Show in LA

Article & Photos by Kelsey Hyde

On April 14th, I went to the Pop-Rock band, The Maine’s album release show. The show took place at The Teragram Ballroom in Los Angeles, California.

“You Are OK” promotional posters

If you know me, you know I don’t do the whole go-to-a- concert things the way the most people do. I made the decision when I bought the tickets that I would get to the concert early in the morning so I can get a spot on the barricade in front my favorite member, Kennedy Brock. The Maine is one of my top 3 favorite bands of all-time and this was my 9th time seeing them.

5:45am – Time to start getting ready for the adventure.

My alarm goes off and I know it is time to get ready. I put on my yellow “I Like a Band Called the Maine” shirt and put on eyeshadow to match the pigmented yellow shirt. It is supposed to be around 80 degrees in LA today, so decide to put on a pair of black shorts. I grab my pre-made lunch off the counter and head out the door to pick up my best friend up the street.

6:48am – Pick up a friend and head to LA.

You can hear “Right Girl” blasting as we head from our home in Orange County to the venue and because we left so early, we manage to get to LA in about 40 minutes and park directly in front of the venue.

The Marquee for the venue

7:45am- Make yourself comfortable, you’ll be here for a while.

We lay out the blankets I keep in the back of my car for shows. Today’s blankets include a 2009 Justin Bieber and a Hunger Games blanket. Luckily I get in my spot and end up as the 6th and 7th person in line. In front of us our friends of ours that we met in January at the Maine’s Festival in Arizona. They had a request show the day before the festival and we waited for 13 hours there as well. I met some great friends, and they helped make me feel more apart of the 8123 family. (Thank you Bailey, Daisy, Jess, Natalie and Shaida)

Yising and I

9:10am- Yising arrives.

One of my best friends and favorite concert buddy has come to join the fun and gets in line with us. We talk with all of our early morning crew and discuss our hatred of hearing “Count ’em One, Two, Three” live. As we sit in on our blanket we discuss some band history to catch me up on the tea involving the bands I love. Daisy, Yising and I belt out some Shawn Mendes tune and gawk over him as well as our love for him.

10:25am- Starbucks run.

A few of us make our way to the nearest Starbucks to get some food, caffeine and for arestroom. While waiting for 13 hours you have to assess the surrounding around you so find a close bathroom. Luckily this Starbucks as well as the Mayfair Hotel allowed us to use their restrooms free of charge.

2:30pm- Lunch time!

Yising and I head over to a Jersey Mike’s a mile away. On our way there we see a big tour bus go down the street and know the Maine have finally arrived.

3:03pm – Mini Birthday Party!

Daisy was an angel and bought Jess a birthday cake along with cute little hats for everyone to wear while celebrating Jess’ birthday from the day prior. (Daisy is easily on of the best people I’ve ever met and has the biggest heart.)

From Left to Right: Shaida, Bailey, Jess, Natalie, Me & Yising Photo by Lupe Bustos

6:03pm- Picture time!

We all have dressed up as well as putting last touches on our makeup to take a few group pictures as well as individuals to commemorate the special day.

7:03pm – Doors are open!

The doors are open, tickets scanned, and we claim our spot at barricade in front of where Kennedy Brock (king of back-up vocals) will be.

Twin XL stage decor

8:00pm -Twin XL hits the stage!

Alt-Pop band, Twin XL opens for the Maine as a special guest and plays their ep in full! Twin XL is composed of Cameron Walker, John Gomez, and Stephen Gomez. They are a relatively new band and are a great addition to the Alt-Pop music scene. (listen to Neon Summer by them and get the hype)

9:01pm – The Maine is on stage!

My favorite band is in front of my eyes and I have my best friends to my right and my left. The feeling you get when they come on stage is a sense of home. I felt complete for that one hour and and 45 minutes that they occupied the stage.

Guitar pick from Kennedy

9:14pm- {IT HAPPENED}

After the song “Right Girl”, I held up a sign that said “We Love Kennedy Brock” and he bent down and handed me a guitar pick and said “Thank you” and I freaked out (as expected). It means so much to me that he knows how much I care and a small thing like a guitar pick holds so much sentimental value to me.

10:25pm- The chords of “Another Night on Mars” fill the venue

As the song plays through the venue I hug my friends tight and feel at home. I’m smiling so wide my cheeks hurt and feel at peace. This was one of the best shows I had ever been to. I grab a bouquet of yellow faux flowers I had bought for Kennedy the night before (every show I try to give him flowers) to show appreciation and how proud I am. He grabs them and thanks me many times. As he exits the stage he gives out picks and Yising manages to get one as well as a drum stick thrown by Pat.

Me in a shirt that was sold!

11:00pm -Merch

I manage to snag a shirt specific to the album release show as I head out.

11:11pm -I chat with Twin XL.

I chat with the band and tell John and Stephen how I’ve been a fan of their previous bands as well as current band for almost 10 years and how proud I am. I also manage to get a picture with John and tell him how I will see them the following week at their show at the Troubadour on April 25th (buy tickets now *wink, wink*)

12:07am – The Maine

I talk to Garrett with Yising, Bailey, and a few other friends about joining Garrett’s high heel club and riding Bird scooters through LA as we shop. I also snag a picture with all members except for Pat and got Kenny to write out some lyrics for “Forevermore” for me.

Kennedy and I

1:45 am- Home

After a long day I manage to get back to my dorm room in one piece and reflect on one of the days that I could easily say was one of the best of my life.

This was a Day in the Life of Kelsey Hyde.


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If you haven’t already check out the Maine’s new album “You Are Ok” on all streaming interfaces or on iTunes!

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