The Wrecks release their debut album "Infinitely Ordinary!"

Alt-Rock band The Wrecks just announced their release date for their debut album "Infinitely Ordinary" out NOW!


The band members include vocalist/producer Nick Anderson, Aaron Kelley (bass), Nick "Schmizz" Schmidt (guitar) and Billy Nally (drums) - together, they create a unique sound and their ambition shines through their music. Every song is a powerful anthem that tells personal narratives.

Nick Anderson says, "Music has to be honest for me, before anything else. All of our songs are thorough stories, the anecdotes all happened-that's the only way I know how to write something that feels impactful."

Vocalist/songwriter/producer Nick Anderson shares on the album:

"We've been talking about releasing this album for so long that I think I'm ready for the songs to do the talking now. Only a few weeks until the muzzle comes off, and I'm just as inconsolably anxious as I am unimaginably thrilled. Thankfully, we have the most patient, impatient fanbase ever and they've stuck with us all the way up to this moment. I am so proud of what we've made here, and I'm proud to call Infinitely Ordinary our debut album."

Fans order exclusive merch bundles at Exclusive vinyl variants are available for pre-order and will be hand-signed by the band.

The Wrecks will be performing at an online festival called Block by Blockwest Festival on May 16th through Minecraft along with other incredible artists like Pussy Riot, Citizen, Magdalena Bay, Nothing, Nowhere., Hunny, Deal Casino, Heart Attack Man, S and more. Festival proceeds will go to the Coronavirus Emergency Response Fund. For fans that don’t play Minecraft, they’ll also be able to stream it from the festival’s website.

“Missing tour is very similar to feeling homesick,” states Nick Anderson. “We're grateful that BXBW put together an event that allows us to perform on a virtual festival stage and actual see the crowd. I'm excited to walk around and check out the art and merch, as well as listen to what other artists have put together for the event.”

Stay tuned for updates about the Wrecks' postponed tour with The Driver Era!

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1. Freaking Out

2. Feels So Nice

3. Out Of Style

4. Fvck Somebody

5. Four

6. We All Get Lonely

7. This Life I Have

8. Infinitely Ordinary

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