Those Who Dream release new song "Monster!"

Photo by Those Who Dream

During these isolating times, the Perth rock brothers-duo Those Who Dream, have stayed productive, releasing their new song called Monster. This song is about struggling with identity and self-image, portraying a darker style and combining driving guitars with menacing synths.

Monster follows up the band’s last song “Violet”, featuring a heavy bassline and expressing the feeling of being lost sometimes in life. “Violet” went viral on Tik Tok, making the duo’s streams increase 500% in a matter of weeks. Written during the COVID-19 outbreak, one of the strangest times in history, “Monster” was written through a cathartic process, allowing the band to dissect unfamiliar emotions.

Frontman Josh Meyer speaks on “Monster,” “With everyone stuck at home and not having social contact, let’s just say you get pretty acquainted with yourself. You realise so much about yourself when you have all that time to reflect, and those things aren’t always good. We tried to write from almost an out-of-body perspective, like, if I was another person, what would I think of myself? Half the song is spent working out what this other perspective thinks, and the other half is me coming to terms with that opinion.”

Photo by Those Who Dream

The Perth brothers have always loved pushing themselves. “Every time we release something i want to do something we've never done before,” tweeted Cooper Meyer. With “Violet,” the duo produced their own music video featuring their own production sets and strong animation skills. With “Monster,” they created a picture book and interactive app to go along with it.

Josh says,

“We never really consciously decided to be a band that does everything themselves, it’s just always been a result of us being too broke to hire other people. I think it just started from little things like playing around with merch ideas on Photoshop and realising they don’t look half bad; after that there was no looking back. We try anything and everything, as long as there was a tutorial somewhere online for it.”

Josh and Cooper are a talented duo who constantly challenge themselves through creating art and exploring new styles.

You can keep up with Those Who Dream on their Youtube channel, or by joining their “Dreamers Cult” email list.


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