Those Who Dream release their "Violet" music video!

Those Who Dream recently released their new music video for “Violet!” Their music is a loud combination of synth-pop, electronic, pop-punk, and even rap, and they have toured with bands such as The Faim and Between You And Me. This brother duo from Perth, Australia consists of vocalist Josh Meyer and drummer Cooper Meyer, who self-produced the “Violet” music video full of incredible 3D animation and cinematic production. The video expresses the concept of the lyrics surrounding mental health and how one can feel out of place and exhausted from their depression.

Josh Meyer on the “Violet” music video: "Unfortunately we tend to have $50,000 major-label-funded ideas, but only the collective pocket change of two broke musicians to actually carry them out…Luckily for us though, we’re so stubborn that we will do absolutely everything we can to make them happen anyway.”

Cooper Meyer adds, “Some of our ideas sound pretty insane on paper, I must admit. But we literally will not take no for an answer, and after so much research, trial and error, and practice, we were somehow able to pull it all off without spending really any money.”

As an independent band, Those Who Dream show how if you really to achieve something, all it takes is hard work and passion. They made their vision come to life and I’m excited for what they have coming up next!


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