Wallows 'Remote' - EP Review

As we know, 2020 has not been the year for music lovers. With Covid-19 ruining everyone's concert plans and bands having so much more time on their hands, there is lots of time for them to record more music! That is what Wallows have done. Written and recorded during the quarantine period, the Wallows boys have released their newest EP titled 'Remote.' The entire writing and recording process was done remotely, with the band sharing voice memos they recorded off their phones during the creation of the EP. Consisting of 6 songs and a run time of about 15 minutes, you get transported into what can only be an '80s/90's coming of age film. With nostalgic synthesizers and the band's classic Indie sounding vocals, you feel like you are in a different time where everything is good in the world while listening. The transitions between each song are just another reason you need to listen to the songs to experience the full effect! 

Track number two, titled 'Dig What You Dug' is a personal favourite mainly because of the guitar, and I can picture my friends and I at a party dancing our hearts out! Each song focuses on being in love, and honestly, who doesn't love a good love song? Especially when it makes you so happy to listen to it! With so many funky sounds going on throughout the EP, you have reached the end before you know it, but as stated earlier, everything transitions so smoothly you can't even tell when the previous song ends, and the new one begins. 

'Remote' is a prime example of how even though bands can't be together physically right now, they can still create notable works of art. They are also learning different ways to be creative out of the studio by merely being experimental with how they write and even record their songs. Wallows have once again created an EP you need to check out if you want a collection of songs that make you want to dance around your room and live out the scenarios in your head of being the main character in your own storyline!