Waterparks signed to Hopeless Records and released "Turbulent!"

Photo credit: the one and only Jawn Rocha

Waterparks aka god's favorite boy band, announced today that they signed with Hopeless Records and also dropped their new single "Turbulent!" I'm so proud of them and Hopeless is an amazing label - they genuinely care about their artists and want to see them succeed. As a Hopeless intern, I may be biased, but Waterparks couldn't have found a better label and I'm excited for this new chapter!

A few weeks ago, Awsten teased fans by playing part of the song on his instagram livestream. The final audio version sounds INCREDIBLE and it's definitely a track you just have to mosh to, and potentially punch something. The beat drop will make you want to headbang into everything and turn into a dragon who breathes fire.

Awsten name drops himself with these lyrics - we love self-confidence!: "You had your own Awsten Knight, HI!"

"Turbulent" is a track full of energy and life with clever metaphors and personal emotions. These are some of my favorite lyrics because it invites the listener into Awsten's mind and what experiences he went through. In all Waterparks' songs, I always admire how genuine their lyrics are and how they convey their emotions:

"You had a taste of the life

But you grew complacent

And sanity laced itself

Up in the back of your mind

And that's where you left me to die"

DON'T STOP READING YET! Waterparks and Rock Sound Magazine posted that their new issue is available for order so grab a copy and read Waterparks' interview about their new green era! http://SHOP.ROCKSOUND.TV For every album, Awsten dyes his hair a new color which is the color sceme of each era. He has Synesthesia so he associates his music with a certain color. The Waterparks fanbase comes up with genius theories based on the band's music, music videos, photos, captions, and the cryptic messages that Awsten posts on social media. It's pretty fun to analyze them and see if any theories turn out right! This is actual FBI training.

Photo credit: Jawn Rocha & Rock Sound

Photo credit: Jawn Rocha & Rock Sound

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