Yungblud | Montreal, Quebec Concert Review

It's a beautiful sunny day in downtown Montreal. The past couple weeks of the International Jazz Festival are beginning to wrap up, but not before Yungblud closes out the festival at Club Soda. Opening the show was Glasgow based band Saint PHNX, a rock alternative band with the best stage presence I have witnessed. Continuously hyping up the crowd and the drummer even jumping into the crowd at one point! 10pm rolls around and Yungblud takes the stage.

     Walking onto the stage in pitch black, throwing water onto the crowd to announce his arrival (which was very appreciated!), donning a black dress, black creeper shoes, and his iconic pink socks. Opening the show with '21st Century Liability' the crowd was jumping and screaming the entire hour and a half set. A fan-project during the song 'Kill Somebody' and everyone screaming the lyrics back to Dom at his first-ever Montreal show was one of the many times he became emotional on stage, stepping back from the mic, tears in eyes, smiling, thanking the crowd. After the little emotional moments, we were right back into jumping around and having the time of our lives. At Dom's command, two moshpits opened up during the show. I personally have never moshed before but it was way more fun than I thought! I even managed to squeeze my way to barricade and grab Dom's hand during 'Machine Gun'.

     As the show ended, Dom announced he would be heading to the back of the venue outside near his bus to sign autographs. The people in the line were very respectful, not yelling and remaining calm. Dom made it halfway down the line before needing to leave as he had a show the next day and needed to make bus call. Unfortunately, due to this, I did not get to meet him (which is totally okay) but he made sure to go down the rest of the line and tell everyone he loved them and that its time that he left. He was very sweet to everyone and truly cares about his fans. All in all, the show was one of the best I've been to all year quickly making my top 5. I'll definitely attend another Yungblud show and encourage all of you to do the same! I have never sweated more in my life than I did at this show from all the jumping, dancing and just having fun. Be sure to catch a Yungblud show if you get the chance cause you will NOT regret it!